Like what we're doing? Want to support us? Well, funny you asked...

Past Tense is currently being created and run for free.
Not only the core team but also all our contributors have wavered their fee thus far and we are immensely grateful for their time and dedication to bring Past Tense to life.
We have big plans and hopes for the future of making a living from podcasting but before we get ahead of ourselves...

The best thing you can do for us to help Past Tense grow is to tell your friends, family, colleagues, cabbies, students, teachers, whoever you like, about what we're doing and that you think they should give us a listen.

You can also leave a review on iTunes. This is also a great way for us to get your honest feedback about how we can improve as well as finding out what you're liking in particular as we go along. You're more than welcome to get in touch with us any time on our social media platforms, too - we've got a presence on Facebook, Twitter and our email address is We have yet to figure out Snapchat.

If you are able to help with us in terms of funding, wonderful, and thank you so much. You can do this either by signing up for regular funding through our Patreon or one-off tips in our Ko-Fi jar, via the handy button below.