A Brief History...
...Of Why We Are Talking About History

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "How did I get here?"

Well, Talking Heads lyrics aside, how the collection of islands and nations broadly referred to as the United Kingdom came to be and do things how they do them, is, as you might expect, complicated.

But fascinating.

This is Past Tense. This is a history podcast. Pat yourself on the back for getting the ingenious pun and settle back for as close to time travel as you can get without building any complicated machines or risking all existence in a logical paradox.

The first season, focusing on the British Civil Wars, comprises eighteen episodes neatly categorised into three volumes, just like those dusty old tomes in the library.

But unlike those aforementioned tomes and much like the library, Past Tense is anything but dusty and much more accessible than you first thought. 

Join us as we take a sideways glance at periods of history that are often overlooked - other than by dedicated academics of course - yet irrevocably shaped the lives we live today, whilst interrogating it to see what lessons we can draw now.

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This guy - Charles I - features heavily.    As you might expect.

This guy - Charles I - features heavily.

As you might expect.